Binnie Donovan

Binnie Donovan – Artist

Drawing has always been a part of life for me – at some times more than at others, but always there. Being largely untrained, I hesitate to call myself “artist” – it’s just what I like to do. I am a rural Queenslander through and through, but my images, in most cases, feature humans. I am fascinated by faces and hands, expressions and body language, imaginary (for the most part) people caught in unguarded moments. For some years I have used bitumen to paint over textures, mediums and fabrics, with occasional colour splashes.

I have yet to exhaust my interest in this “phase” – and yet, phases pass as all things must do. In 2014 the bitumen and fabrics are set aside for the moment, so to see more of that it is a case of “’Too late!’ she cried” (apologies – that was a favourite saying of my grandmother’s).

I have taken a different tack this year. Come and see!

Mobile: 0427 751 287

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