2014 SPONSOR POEM – 9 Ante Portas

We’ve been at this for a while, and we’ve come a country mile

You can see the very tangible results

Susan’s audience is growing, Chrissie’s talent’s really showing

And we think Rob’s been approached by several cults.

(Exactly why we’re not too sure, but we’re hoping there’ll be more

As her mys-ter-y exhibit’s sold for charity

Raise your hand and make a bid – Angel Flight is worth your quid

You could own an artwork made with love and clarity.)

Just to mention all the women who’ve spent 6 or more years swimmin’

Through the surf of Ante Portas’s support

There is Lou and Kac and Pete, and I’d like you all to meet

Binnie, Blins, Heather’n’me for a report.

You can see the things we’ve done – besides of course, the having fun

Having meetings at our various addresses –

I’m a writer, and I’ve writ; Chrissie’s photographed a bit

And we’ve wiped each other tears with fond caresses.

Lyndal is our mate from Sydney and we’d all give our right kidney

For a piece of funky jewellery that she makes

Binnie’s art has gone all Greek, Peewee’s bold but never meek

Heath personifies the bush make no mistake.

And our darling little Lou – what would we do without you?

With her gorgeous driftwood artwork we’re bemused

She’s got contacts by the score – she’s found friends for us galore

And her cello-playing mate keeps us amused.

We always have two guests, and this year we’re truly blessed

With 2 talented young ladies from the bush

A hearty welcome to Trish Arden with her paintings of her garden

And as well to Heather Wehl in this year’s push.

To our kids behind the scenes you just don’t know what it means

That you don the apron strings with which we bound you

And the hubbies who tolerate – you know that we think you’re great

And of course we bless the fact that we each found you.

But the ones who trim our tree of largesse so heartily

Are the sponsors with long arms and generous pockets

Hakfoort Group stumped up again, Pillow Talk has kept us sane

While Chinova Mining said yes like a rocket.

You will get an ice cream soon and you’ll be over the moon

‘Cause there’s nothing in the world quite like a Weis’s

With real fruit and realer cream you will think you’re in a dream

Yes! A Weis bar’s one of life’s surprises.

Thankyou Petrie Gallery and their lovely aide Vashti

For your generous and helpful attitude

Bendigo the banking giant proved themselves more than compliant

And the wine is thanks to Pete and David Trude.

The Bells came to the party – maybe it’s because they’re arty

And provided a weekend at Mermaid Beach

We love all our lovely sponsors, your generous gifts ensconce us

And the charity – and we thank you one and each

My important job today is to stand up here and say

Just how much we ‘preciate our friends who’re here

All of you who came tonight we love you with all our might

Thankyou darlings for your belief in us this year.

jane grieve©