9 Ante Portas is upon us again

A time for celebration and a time for friends;

It follows a year with a mixture of issues

Some bad and some good – but don’t dive for your tissues.


Our Chrissie has killed quite a few Chinamen

So her health was upon in the spotlight again.

But in spite of her travails she rattled her dags

And joined us in Longreach with the dust and bush wags.


We took Ante Portas way out to the west

And lined up our art – which stood up to the test.

Young Jano got published so please have a look

Don’t think you’ll be leaving without her new book!


Our Susan exhibited out at Blackall

And Young Robbie did not do much art work at all.

Wee Heather was hunkering down in the drought

Her eyes running rears and her tongue hanging out.

Our PeeWee’s a granny again – does she look it?

Her paintings this year have such verve – can you brook it?


Binnie’s been working alone in her shed

With lascivious thoughts running round in her head;

Lyndal’s made jewellery to make us look rude

While Lou has been painting a cellist in the nude.


Elisse is a newbie whose photos are great,

Cassie’s our guest- a flirtatious old mate.

That about wraps it up for what we girls are doin’

We got through another fine year without bluein’.


And now it’s our custom to offer our thanks

To our sponsors, beginning with Bendigo Bank.

Hakfoort has stumped up once again for the night

And methinks we’ll need Rugwash to put these rugs right.


Thea Hayes very generously offered a berth

For 6 happy beachgoers at the best beach on earth.

While Pillow Talk wants to get into your head

That the very best place to spend time is in bed!


That’s not to forget that we’re here to save bits

From the damned awful things that can happen to tits

Kim Walters Choices is what this is about

So dig deep all you darlings and let the moths out.


Thankyou for coming – we’re so glad you’re here,

Fronting to look at our makings this year.

It’s not that we’re proud and we’re not arty-farty

But by God it’s a wonderful excuse for a party!!


©jane grieve