Sponsors 2011

We take this opportunity to thank our Sponsors for your support and hope you
were able to enjoy the event as much as we enjoyed staging our  2011 show.

This Poem was written and presented on the night by Jane Grieve in
honour of your support:

We are gathered here at Lightspace on this wintry August night
To celebrate the art of friends – and put the world to rights
You’re witnessing the skills of gals who made a friendship vow
To put their artwork on display, and here it is right now.
There’s certain people we declare we couldn’t do without;
Those generous souls who kick the till, add muscle to our clout
The stars atop our Christmas tree of sponsorship largesse
Are led by Thynne Macartney and Share Lord among the rest.
Baillieu’s, Morgans, Ivanhoe – were generous to a man
Then Williams Hall Chadwick came in and also kicked the can
And Pillow Talk they didn’t baulk just handed us the cash
The Hakfoort Group joined in to show considerable dash.
The Muttaburra Motel didn’t want to be outdone
So they produced some dosh and threw it to us on the run
Why Me Promotions and Office Works responded to our cries
And coughed up big time for the Deaf’s fantastic raffle prize.
The hubbies on the scissor lift who strung the art from high
Looked rather grim for quite a while and some were heard to sigh
And all our kids who help us are so beautifully arrayed
Our thanks to them, we love them all, and the patience they’ve displayed.
We’re thrilled you’ve all joined forces to inspect our burgeoning art
Supporting sport and recreation for the Deaf comes from the heart
To all of you who’re here tonight our welcome is most gracious
We’re glad you came and hope your credit cards are most capacious.
We doff our hats to the music men their names are Mick and Lee
And Ed the guy with the flash bowtie wants you to kick up your knees
The plan’s to have a grand old time, enjoy yourselves but what’s

The basic issue here tonight is art …… and those red dots!


Supporting emerging artists is an act of faith; supporting a diverse group of nine artists, mostly unknown in the public domain, but nonetheless believing in their own potential, is generous in the extreme. We are eternally grateful to our many Sponsors who have made our first exhibition possible. By so doing, you have helped us each and every one of us to realise a dream. And, we sincerely hope, you have facilitated something truly worthwhile through 9 Ante Portas. Thank you!




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Muttaburra Motel