Ida Montague BVA (Hons)

Black Opals to Brahmans

Montague has had a long affiliation with cattle and cattlemen. Without doubt, her fondness for these colourful characters stems from both her marriage to the late John Montague and working within the live export industry.

Having grown up in Scandinavia and migrating to Australia in her tender twenties, Montague was unfamiliar with the wide open spaces that Australia presented, and many of these impressions eventually manifested themselves in her artwork, culminating in her research study which dealt with the conditions of the Australian Cattleman in the 20th century.

Montague is a colourist. Her play with layers of faceted light and colour reflects her earlier career as an opal and gem merchant, and can be found in her depictions of Brahmans painted in a Hard-edge and Colour Field style, similar to the surface of the black opal.

Montague’s abstract paintings reveal her irreverent sense of fun; and her childish sense of humour and poetic portraiture derives from her homeland, Hans Christian Andersen’s idyllic Denmark.

Montague is thrice an entrant of the prestigious Archibald Portrait Competition; aptly painting colourful characters including the Hon Bob Katter MP, musician Richard Gill as well as the Olympian Raelene Boyle.