Carol McCormack

Carol was born in England, raised around Hughenden and Toogoolawah, and educated at boarding school in NSW then UQ in Brisbane. She lives near Glenmorgan and calls herself a bushie and a landscape artist, though it has taken a long time to get used to saying that ‘A’ word. Her life has been full of many other things, like helping to establish a cattle stud, raising three children, and becoming a company director to put nearby Myall Park Botanic Garden on the map. She has gradually retired from outside responsibilities to spend more time on her own art practice.  She can’t believe her luck being able to train with Mervyn Moriarty when the local group joined Flying Arts in 1972. Many other tutors followed, and Carol had her first solo exhibition in Toowoomba in 1986 after a trip to the Kimberley with Clifton Pugh. This year will complete a baker’s dozen of solos, and awards include the major Shell/Flying Arts prize in 1993.
Nomadding the outback is a new joy offering a constant supply of new landscapes.